Learn to play the keyboards like a pro

piano keyboardAre you new to the art of playing a keyboard? Do you need professional help to choose the best piano keyboard ? Being a fresher in this area all you need is a keyboard just apt for learning purpose that is, a keyboard which is not overloaded with advanced features. These advanced features may confuse and discourage your learning enthusiasm. Thus, a pocket friendly keyboard with basic functionalities is all that you need to become a pro at playing a piano. Many options are available in the market still you have to choose your instrument wisely depending on the level of expertise you have and obviously your budget.

Here is a list of all the best piano keyboards available in the market for beginners. One of the best brands is Yamaha, which is among the most trusted brands by rookies.

Yamaha YPG-535

This piano comes with Graded soft Touch Technology and thus it can recognize your touch. It is a basic keyboard having 88 in built keys to give you a good learning experience. This keyboard comes with an adaptor, as well as a medal stand, making it a complete package for beginners and intermediate trainees. Not only does it provide a manual guide to understand the working of the instrument however it also provides the user with  interactive learning programs called Yamaha Education Suite to understand better.

This keyboard comes with an in built recorder, along with a USB device connector, to help pianists create their own compositions. The USB facility helps help to get more compositions from external sources easing their learning process. The high resolution of the stereo provides very good sound quality, which enhances the performance of the pianists making it even more versatile. With this keyboard you can forget about the musical sheets used in old times. The LCD screen provides clear picture to read, write and record. This keyboard comes at a very affordable price tag, and with so many things included, it is among the best choices for beginners as well as experts.

Yamaha YPG-235

This is a portable version of the traditional models by Yamaha. Having less number of keys this is the most affordable keyboard in the market. If you want to become very versatile in playing the piano then this instrument will help you a lot. It comes with varied sound ranges and special effects. This keyboard facilitates computer connectivity which proves to be a major advantage for experts as well as beginners.

Being under the flagship of Yamaha all other features are same as other traditional Yamaha keyboards. The aspect which needs to be improved in this keyboard is that an additional auto power off feature should be incorporated to better its performance.

Though buying a keyboard is very important aspect of your learning process, however this decision should not be made in haste. One should his take time to analyze his skills and match it with the features of the selected piano and then make a decision.

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