Learn Amazing Grace Chords

Many people are familiar with the Christian hymn “Amazing Grace”, as it is one of the most well known, recognized, and beloved hymns ever written. Chances are that if you have ever attended a church service at a Christian church, you have heard or participated in singing this song. This classic song was written in 1779 by English poet and clergyman John Newton, this hymn is as popular today as it was back then. Many music artists have done covers of Amazing Grace through the years, and it remains a popular song to play along with on guitar as well. If you are interested in learning how to play Amazing Grace on guitar, there are several sites online which will teach you Amazing Grace chords so that you can play this beloved hymn yourself.

The website UltimateGuitar.com features Amazing Grace chords arranged by Daniel Thomas. This site features the lyrics of the song along with letters that indicate the various chord changes. When your browser hits the highlighted letter of the chord, a small box with a variations pattern will appear to show you where to place your fingers when playing. If you are experiencing difficulty while attempting to play the song, or find trying to read tabs too difficult, this site also offers a step-by-step video tutorial that will guide you through playing the song. You can also search online for beginner guitar lessons at takelessons.com. Users of this website have commented that the chord arrangement for this song is very good.

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A second wesbite that features the chords to Amazing Grace is located at WorshipArchive.com. This site features religious and spiritual songs, along with their lyrics , music chords, and guitar chords. Unlike the previously mentioned site, no additional features such as variations or video demonstrations are offered here.

Amazing Grace is such a well known song that it seems to fall under several categories when searching for guitar chords online. It is found under a guitar chord website, as well as a site for worship and religious songs, and even on a site called CowboyLyrics.com. This is one of those songs that fits well into several musical genres, which is why it is found on such diverse websites. The CowboyLyrics website offers the option of watching a video lesson and also offers a lesson for beginning guitar players. Lyrics to the song and the chords are given on this site, along with the option to actually play the song or download the song. As an added bonus, you can also send an Amazing Grace ring tone to your cell phone.

As you can see, the popularity of this timeless, classic hymn, Amazing Grace, remains alive and well. If you are interested in learning to play the song, simply take advantage of one of the many online resources available that will show you step by step how to perform the chords for this amazing song. With all of the easy to follow chords, along with video tutorials, you can be playing along to your favorite classic hymn in no time.

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