Having a standing desk converter for ergonomical uses

standing desk converterWith the current developments in ergonomic furniture and comfort, more and more people are getting to know the comfort that standing desks offer and they feel that they are value for money. They offer maximum productivity and also are good in terms of mental and physical health and general comfort and well-being. Research findings indicate that even Winston Churchill used such standing desks as it was helping him in his productivity. However, these desks are more expensive than the conventional desks. Though you might be having traditional desks at home or your work place, it is recommended that you move to a standing desk converter for its benefits

Why consider standing desk converters?

They are easy to convert to a little standing desk for your convenience and if you are looking at the option of buying absolutely new ones, you can even look at the option of having your own height adjustable desks. These converters can also make your present desk or workstation more convenient if you do not want to do away with the existing one. Quite often you do not want to let go of your old desk maybe due to it is a family heirloom or your company has providing it for your use. It also can be the reason that you have bought it even though it is an expensive piece due to its convenience or its design and look.

Getting standing desk conversion

Some of the best options for such conversions are available in the market and they are all quite simple and easy to convert. However, each product has its own pros and cons and you can consider all options before finalising on the one which fits your requirement. Each product comes with handy guide so that you can pick the perfect converter for your office or home requirement.

Reviewing some best standing desk converters

One of the best in market is considered to be the Ergotron WorkFit-S and its benefits that it can be mounted from front and it offers maximum stability. It is also very ergonomically and is very flexible. It can be adjusted for monitor and keyboard place and you can adjust it for your height based on your requirement. However, its design is not too appealing and is made of cheap quality plastic and if you want to place two monitors then you have to pay extra to get more mounting brackets. Also you can use it for Apple monitors.

Another effective product with similar functionality is the Varidesk Pro Plus which comes in both single as well as dual-monitor setup. It comes in eleven height settings and you can place all your belongings in your workstation. This product is not very expensive and can be scalable. However, it is quite heavy and large in size so moving it from one place to another can be cumbersome.

Choosing the best product

If you are planning to have a standing desk converter, then compare the pros and cons of each product and then make a wise judgment. You should consider the construction, design as well as pricing of each of the products. Some might look good and might be cost effective, but it might not offer maximum comfort.

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