Guide to buying a car speaker

buying a car speakerFor some, travelling long distances in a car may seem tedious job. Even being stuck in the traffic amidst the city may seem really frustrating. However, a good music system with quality stereo speakers assembled in your car will definitely cheer your mood up and make your journey or the road trip, an enjoyable one. Nowadays, with latest advancement in technology car audio speakers are not only meant for your entertainment, but also helps you to hear the voice guided navigation system guided by global positioning systems attached to your car.

Audio speakers for your car may cost you a little or may create a burning hole in your pocket. So, to buy the best speakers for car, you need to know about these speakers in detail and buy the one that suits your requirement the most. The following guide will provide you with all the information you need to know before buying a speaker for your car.

So, what to look for in a speaker before buying it?

  • Bass – This is basically a speaker enclosure or a term to define a speaker that produces enhanced low frequencies.
  • Dual Amplification – This type of amplifier systems attached with speakers have two components. Among these two, one amplifier controls the frequencies of lower range and the other part controls the higher frequency range.
  • Distortion – This is basically a term of a car speaker system that should be less. It is defined as difference in between the feed or original signal and the output or reproduced signal.
  • Audio driver – This is the prime component of a device that actually produces the sound in a speaker. In general, speakers have two or more audio drivers installed in them depending on their version and type.
  • Impedance – This is basically the inductive resistance at which your speaker operates. So, depending on the number of speakers is going to be installed in your car in series or parallel connection the impedance may vary.
  • Power – All the speakers available in the market come with a labelled power rating assigned by the manufacturer. This very rating generally refers to a certain value or peak known as the RMS (root mean square) value. So, before buying speakers for your car audio system you should match up all the equipment to avoid any power related problems.
  • Sensitivity – This term is basically used to describe the ability of your speaker to convert the electric power from an amplifier into stereo and acoustic sound. The more the sensitivity of your car speaker the more clear sound you are going to get at higher volume.
  • Surround Sound – This term is used to describe the three dimensional effect generated by your car speaker system. Basically, a sound system stimulates natural sound from multiple locations utilizing a number of speakers.

So, after considering these basic features provided by the manufacturer, you need to consider the type of car speaker system you want to install in your car and you also need to decide the feature you want in your car speaker system. Next, you just have to set up a budget and choose a speaker system for your car accordingly.

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